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New Eunhyuk Project from ALLMYEOLCHI!

One Year Without You
Deadline: September 1, 2016


ALLMYEOLCHI, the French fanbase for Eunhyuk, is back with a new project and is opening it to international fans! The project, 너 없이 한 해 (One Year Without You), is to show Eunhyuk that his fans are waiting for him and that we haven’t forgotten him.

Two ways to participate:

1. Letter and/or poem
Open up your heart and let Eunhyuk know how you felt during this past year without him. Letters and poems should be written in English or Korean. Please make sure to write clearly and not too small. Download the custom paper, designed by Madzia Vel Madzik, here. Once complete please scan and send to the contact information below. Please limit your message to two pages.

2. Drawing
Complete your drawing on a white letter sized sheet with the phrase 너 없이 한 해 or One Year Without You. Once complete please scan and send to the contact information below. Don’t forget to include your name and country.

Every word, poem and drawing must be related to the last year spent without Eunhyuk. You can describe your feelings, talk about what you miss most etc. We ask you to be polite and respectful in your words and drawings.

Send all submissions to

Sweets will also be included for Eunhyuk. To help fund the project, ALLMYEOLCHI will send small gifts to each person giving 5€ or more! If you want to help, you can send your donation directly by Paypal* to or contact ALLMYEOLCHI on their social networks listed below. Gifts for donors will be sent after the project’s completion.


* Click here to review a walk through how to send payment in a different currency


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